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Rather than being defined by technical legal distinctions, Elder Law is defined by the client to be served.An Elder Law attorney:

  • Focuses his or her practice on the legal needs of seniors.
  • Works with a variety of legal tools and techniques that specifically meet the goals and objectives of the older client.
  • Uses a holistic approach to legal advice, taking into consideration the key issues facing seniors: housing, financial well-being, health and long-term care, and autonomy/quality of life.
  • Brings to his or her practice a knowledge of the issues facing seniors that allows them and their staff to ignore the myths relating to aging and the competence of seniors.
  • Will take into account and empathize with some of the physical and mental difficulties that often accompany the aging process. Their understanding of the real-life problems of people as they age allows them to determine more easily the difference between the physical versus the mental disability of a client.
  • Is tied into a formal or informal system of social workers, psychologists, and other elder care professionals who may be of assistance to you.

  • A last will and testament
  • A durable medical power of attorney naming an agent and a successor agent responsible for your medical decisions
  • A durable financial power of attorney naming an agent and a successor agent responsible for your asset and financial management if you become unable to perform these duties for yourself
  • An advance directive outlining instructions concerning types of care one wishes to either receive or avoid in the event of terminal illness or permanent vegetative state


Medicare and Medicaid are two separate, government-run programs. They are operated and funded by different parts of the government and primarily serve different groups.


  • Medicare is a federal program that provides health coverage if you are 65+ or under 65 and have a disability, no matter your income.
  • Medicaid is a state and federal program that provides health coverage if you have a very low income.
  • If you are eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid (dually eligible), you can have both. They will work together to provide you with health coverage and lower your costs.

Glossary of Terms

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Care Continuum

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VA Accredited Attorney

Senior Law Solutions’ founding member, Anne Elizabeth McGowin, is a VA-accredited attorney

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